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KansaiGreenie, a.k.a. [redacted] is a Kansai area based photographer in western Japan. An avid non-professional photographer since 1988, KansaiGreenie once said, “breathing is my hobby. Photography is my reason for getting up in the morning.”

Although professionally trained (KG’s first major in college was photography) Kansai has never pursued image making as a career because, “taking pictures for money would just ruin it for me. I don’t want to make an image because I have to. I make images because I want to.” That is not to say that KG wouldn’t accept money for images. You are welcome to buy them. (Inquiries should be directed somewhere…)

When not obsessing about the latest camera gear at Yodobashi Camera or using a camera or sitting in front of the computer or doing something else photography related, KansaiGreenie makes money by teaching at a private university in Osaka.

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