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Takarazuka Fireworks

August 8, 2010

Last night I went to Takarazuka, Hyogo to see the summer festival fireworks. We watched them from inside a restaurant in a hotel on the river, which is a great way to see them sitting comfortably in the air conditioning, but it is a challenging photographic situation.
Takarazuka Fireworks 1

I couldn’t bring my regular gear, so I just brought my G10 and a Gorillapod so the photos are mediocre.
Takarazuka Fireworks 2

I managed a couple of decent shots, but even though I had the camera set for manual focus, the autofocus kept changing things, so some images are out of focus like this one. I still kind of like it though.

Takarazuka Fireworks 4

Another challenge was reflections in the window. I think I managed to get most of them out by adjusting the contrast and with some cloning.

Takarazuka Fireworks 3

There are plenty more firework festivals to go to, so I might be shooting some more. Hopefully I can get some better images.

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